Yina Anyachebelu

Yina Anyachebelu | Editor for Africa

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

A bit about me and where I’m from: 

I’m a sophomore at Lawrenceville School, and I am from Lagos, Nigeria. Beginning my boarding experience at age ten, I have lived in several cities in Nigeria and America and have seen the world from two very different points of view.

To most of the world Africa is known for its poverty and recent terrorist attacks. Ironically, several Africans are as oblivious as foreigners to terrible conditions within the continent. Growing up, I never fully realized the poverty of other children in my community until I began to participate in community projects. The same way, northern Nigeria seemed like a different continent when I heard of Boko Haram attacks, until I attended boarding school and experienced the assaults first hand. I became aware that I knew so little about the society I lived in, and even less about the rest of the world.

In both Nigeria and the rest of the world, I hope to raise awareness of events happening around the globe. Starting with the Lawrenceville community, I want to keep others informed and erase common misconceptions. As great thinkers, Lawrentians have the ability to impact the world, but cannot do so if they have no knowledge of it. By giving insight into global issues, The Contour can contribute to raising a generation of world changers.