Scott Newman


Role: Managing Editor

Hometown: New York, New York





The Publication:

After many hours of behind the scenes work, it is truly a pleasure to see a fully developed version of The Contour.  I am a lover of the written word, and good journalism, though it is increasingly more difficult to come by nowadays, is something which I cherish and appreciate wholeheartedly.  The Contour will serve as a platform through which readers can have access to such good journalism, but with a few perks.  Articles will be concise, to the point, and immediately revealing of why an event has global implications.  In other words, the “so what” will be answered right off the bat.  We target, with such an article-type, students (both college and high school) as well as working professionals on the go who desire to keep up with current events, but who might not have the time to read a full-length newspaper every day.

About Me:

I am a triplet boy currently living in New York City, the urban jungle and home to eight million fiery souls.  As a New Yorker, I understand the importance of being able to get news on the go.  But for me, keeping up with current events around the world is not merely just a hobby.  Having been fortunate to travel extensively at a young age, I have made friends all over the world from Israel, Palestine, Cuba, Egypt, Sweden, Hungary, Singapore, India, and Afghanistan, among other places.  As such, when I read about a current event, it is not just a headline to me.  It is very likely that I know people, and while less likely, it is still possible that I have personal relationships with those affected by whatever the headline may be.  Considering this, it is evident why good, objective journalism is important to me; I want to know what’s going on with my friends!

Some Closing Remarks:

Somebody once told me “to be the change [I] want to see in the world.” This is the best advice that I have ever received.  I want good, objective journalism to be ubiquitous, and that is why I co-founded this publication.  The Contour, ultimately, is a response to the digital-media based environment in which we live.  We aim to keep busy people updated with relevant news—news that matters.