Scarlet Au

Hometown: Hong Kong

Role: Culture Section Editor

A little bit about me and where I’m from:

I am a junior at The Lawrenceville School and I grew up in Hong Kong. Although I am currently an international student, I was born in Los Angeles and I spend my summers in there every year in my family’s second home. My parents used to live in Los Angeles but relocated to Hong Kong when I was very young. I have also been to Taiwan, Kunming, Yangshuo and Xi’an (cities in China) as an exchange student in the last few years. Living in Hong Kong and watching how China and Hong Kong have evolved over the last decade has given me valuable first-hand experience and shaped my international outlook on the world.

Coming to Lawrenceville has given me plenty of opportunities to share with my peers my experiences of living in Hong Kong and the time I spent in Los Angeles. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others and I find these conversations to be very fruitful. I hope that I can help improve international understanding for my Lawrenceville classmates and readers through The Contour Culture Section.