Michael Man

Michael Man ’17

role: CTO

Michael Man began programming with AppleScript when he was twelve years old and quickly moved on to use Java, which he considers to be his specialty. In addition to Java, Michael is familiar with C++, Javascript, HTML, PHP, and SQL, among others. Michael began developing websites just a year and a half ago and has successfully built website interfaces.

Michael uses code like a second language, developing projects and tackling unusual problems with his knowledge. He has used programming to aid him in Calculus (i.e. determining the area of irregular shapes using programming to analyze the image pixels). He has worked with FRC robotics in a program at his former school (with funding from NSWC Crane US Naval Warfare Center).

Michael hopes to set up a charity network with friends in Beijing, using internet and crowd funding to support individual projects. Additionally, Michael is an avid reader of current events and finds interests in finance.