Julia Nguyen

Julia Nguyen ’17

hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

role: Editor for East Asia

A bit about me and where I’m from:

I’m a Junior at the Lawrenceville School, my hometown in Vietnam.  Vietnam is well-known among foreigners mainly because of its role in the American-Vietnamese war back in 1955. It has a mixture of the hectic city vibe, always bustling with energy; and the peaceful countryside, far away from the noise and pollution.

To outsiders, Vietnam is a small country lost in the shadow of China. Once upon a time, they both shared the similar communist political ideology but are far from similar nowadays. Often, schooling on the Vietnam War leads individuals to form misconceptions based solely on that limited piece of history. Many individuals that are unfamiliar with present-day Vietnam develop a stereotypical view of Vietnam as being a poor and underdeveloped. However, it has been 40 years since the devastation of the Vietnam war, and Vietnam has grown back in ways that diverge from what it once was. Like nations like America, necessities and other consumer products are readily available to the individual. Cities are crowded and “clogged with vehicles,” hubs of economic interaction, just like that of many other nations.

Politically, though Vietnam is a socialist country, the people are not controlled by the government: religion is practiced freely and the “mixed market economy” embodies ideas of capitalism as well as socialism. Like all nations, censorship exists in the media to a certain degree; opinions can be expressed freely as long as they do not extensively degrade the political party; unbiased sources are not uncommon.

As an avid fan of writing, I’m here to ‘burst the Lawrenceville bubble’ and keep you updated on the outside world – specifically Asia. I tend to focus on politics; political decisions enormously influence social movements, the environment, and the economy. Politics play a direct role in the making of a nation and its relation to other countries, affecting millions of lives – including mine and yours.