Haruka Noishiki

harukanoishiki copy
Haruka Noishiki ’17

hometown: Kanagawa, Japan

role: Managing Editor

What this publication means to me: 

Once within our Lawrenceville daily routines, Lawrenceville consumes us–we strive for success often within Lawrenceville, our main concerns and topics are, more often than not, within our lives and our school community. Being in adolescence –almost at a stage of life where we are entrusted with responsibility for so many lives other than ours, however, we must better equip ourselves to stay tuned to the world–to consciously strive to draw ourselves as close as we can to the world outside of the campus. My role as an international student at Lawrenceville is, as I see it, to contribute my views, experiences, and my lifestyle including traditions and national tendencies from back home with the community. Through this news publication, I hope to help other students –international and domestic alike– to share their views, their experiences and their lifestyles through understanding and compressing news to best communicate to fellow members of the community as writers. As a publication we strive to benefit both writers and, of course, readers. I hope the Contour will encourage the readers to explore new fields they are yet to explore deeply, with our concise articles edited by students from the respective region.

I believe Lawrentians will, as we are frequently told, truly impact and shape the world we will live in in the very new future. A daunting thought, which I believe we can better face equipped with knowledge and basic understandings of the world we live in currently. Ghandi once said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” I hope that, through this publication, I can be of help to Lawrentians to shake the world, either gently or dramatically, to make it a better place. Quite idealistic? True. Without idealism, though, what would we strive for?