Egem Yorulmaz

Egem Yorulmaz | Editor for The Middle East

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

A bit about me and where I’m from:

I’m a sophomore at the Lawrenceville School, and I am from Istanbul, Turkey. Although I was born in England, my entire family is Turkish, and I’ve lived in Istanbul since I was 6 years old.

I grew up in a Muslim environment, and this lead to much confusion in my childhood as I could not understand why others would condemn my peaceful and loving religion. Religious extremism, among many other things, is a concept that is falsely attributed to the entirety of the Middle East. These well-grounded misconceptions tend to lead to the dehumanization of many events happening in Syria and Turkey, and without the media coverage most European countries receive, almost all attacks taking place here are ignored by the rest of the globe. I have participated multiple times in protests against terrorism in Istanbul, and I have grown up in an environment in which these extremist attacks are condemned as much as they are in any other Western community. I am committed to delivering news from the Middle East to widen perspectives on current events.