Christa Sowah

IMG_3439 Christa Sowah | Editor for Africa

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

A little bit about me and where I’m from:

I’m a junior at The Lawrenceville School, and currently live in Accra, Ghana. I have lived half of my life in New Jersey and the other in Ghana; because of this, I’ve been able to synthesize different aspects of these contrasting cultures to create a unique perspective on social and political topics. Nevertheless, Ghana is my home.

Ghana, like most West African countries, is rapidly developing. Having been the first African country to gain independence from colonial rule, Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, is one of the more developed African nations and continues to act as a role model for other West African countries. Regardless of its rapid rise, Ghana still holds many of its traditional beliefs as ongoing development compromises very little, if any, traditional culture. I have found, through my experiences at Lawrenceville, that Africa, as a whole, is commonly misunderstood. It is a continent rich in culture and tradition, but its willingness to forfeit aspects of these cultures for social progression is a hard concept for many to swallow. I want for The Contour to help provide insight into some of the seemingly foreign African policies and remind the community of Africa’s active participation in world events and global development.