Andres Larrieu

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico

About me: I live in Monterrey, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Mexico. Although growing up in these arid lands is dear to my heart, I never really heard the news from outside my country. Sure, I knew a couple issues, but living in Mexico left me in some sort of bubble that I never realized existed. However, as soon as I came to Lawrenceville on my sophomore year in high school I realized how important it is to know and understand what’s happening out there. Lawrenceville made me meet new people from all around the world, learn about different cultures, and taught me a couple words in a different language! The world suddenly seemed enormous, and I felt drawn towards learning.

Nevertheless, this wonderful school had a bubble of itself. Surrounded by homework, clubs, sports, classes, and essays, I forgot about the rest of the world. I felt somewhat ignorant in my little world, and I realized things had to change. I began reading and watching news report on Mexico, the US, and the rest of the World. That wasn’t enough, but gladly, and luckily, I met Scott Newman. He introduced me to this publication, and encouraged me to write for it. Writing became a learning experience. The extensive research I did for each article forced me to understand the crisis I would write about, rather than just reading some headline I would forget.  

I don’t believe in living in ignorance is a solution, but a problem. Working for the publication I’ve grown along with is my way to solve this ignorance. People need the know and understand the world around them, and I’ll do the best I can to help.

Enjoy reading!