Ainara Moreno

Hometown: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Role: Co-Editor of Latin America

Where I’m from and how it makes me who I am:

I’m a junior at Lawrenceville, from Stephens House. I’ve also lived in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia for more than 10 years. However, I was born in Cochabamba, a significantly culturally different part of the country. Santa Cruz is situated in the tropics and closer to Brazil, so constantly hear conversations in Portuguese and have close friends who are Brazilian.

Bolivia is a very culturally, ethnically, diverse country. This diversity means that we have all sorts of beautiful landscapes and nature, from plateaus, valleys, deserts, to the tropics but it also means that I have witnessed a lot of confrontations and controversy between ethnically and culturally different people. In Bolivia, most people, including me, highly praise family values, religion, respect for the elders, and tradition.

Before living in Santa Cruz, as child, I lived in Madrid, Spain for two years. A year and a half ago, my grandmother, who lives in Paris, took me in for winter term where I studied at local all-French day school. I have many relatives in Paris and a strong connection with France. But also I consider myself to be someone with very strong ties to Bolivia, which has made me a person with a very diverse cultural identity both within my country and outside my country.