Called a reflection of the “global character of the student body” by alumnus David Pohndorf ’61, The Contour is an international news publication that seeks to educate and prepare future global leaders. It was cofounded by Allison Huang, Scott Newman, and Haruka Noishiki in the fall of 2015.

Our regional editors are international students that hail from Brazil, Bolivia, Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, Singapore, Oman, and Turkey. Editors are committed to widening the global perspectives of our readers by bringing their own experiences to the table.

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Mission Statement

“The United States is a country where uncomfortable and inconvenient histories are left at the door…” (from Not Even an Earthquake Stirs Students’ Empathy by Ranjan Adiga, published in Higher Chronicle)

Globalization has brought our world closer than ever before. Now, the rising up and falling away of governments and peoples shakes the foundations of societies across the ocean.

At the same time, the general mindset of today’s youth runs counter to this reality. It seems more and more that people have little interest in the going-ons outside their local communities.

It is easy to turn inward, to lead parochial lives. But apathy is a disease. If we are to talk about global consciousness, the altogether absent buzz word that actually carries more weight in our 21st-century lives than we lead ourselves to believe, we need to talk about the curiosity that forms the basis of empathy, then human connection.

The mission of this news agency is to garner concern in Lawrenceville students for the lives and struggles across the world by providing convenient, concise news. This publication truly believes in the potential of Lawrentians to become future global leaders. We are, effectively, bursting the bubble.

We bring you up-to-date news monitored by Lawrenceville students that have had their own share of global experiences. Thanks for reading.