Trump’s attacks on Iran may Backfire

Trump’s attacks on Iran may Backfire

President Trump’s desire to increase the sanctions on Iran and adjust the Iran Nuclear Deal could potentially backfire. With Trump trying to undo most of the things the Obama administration, the Nuclear Deal is one of them. The Iran Nuclear Program came in 2015 and stated that Iran’s curtailing of Nuclear program will result in America lifting international sanctions.

During a UN meeting last week, Trump took aim at Iran and the Obama administration for making the deal with Iran. “The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into,” Trump said. He believes that America missed the opportunity of hurting Iran by lifting the economic sanctions.

Trump went even further, saying that the deal was “an embarrassment to the United States.” While President Trump said his speech in a belligerent manner, Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s President delivered his speech in a much more controlled manner. With Mr. Rouhani’s speech a day after Trump, Rouhani responded to Trump’s attacks. Mr. Rouhani warned Trump and declared the deal as a “closed issue.”

The President’s’ contrasting demeanor heightened the differences between the two man. Chairman of the Eurasia Group, Cliff, describes Trump as looking “like a predator, circling.”

With both men representing their countries, Trump therefore reflected America as a bully picking on Iran, the poor victim. “That creates sympathy for Iran among the international community,” Mr. Kupchan said. Despite Trump’s desire to rally allies for support, his aggressive manner may have just sent them away.

Critics also see Trump’s willingness to impose sanctions on Iran as a power move.“We see today the Americans are seeking an excuse to break this agreement” Rouhani said. Trump has nothing concrete that suggests Iran of violating the deal, which thus makes critics skeptical of his rash thinking. The International Atomic Energy Agency, has repeatedly found nothing to suspect Iran of violating the deal. Iran has been in compliance with the deal, something which many countries also recognize. Mr. Rouhani says that the international diplomacy between the US, Britain, Russia, Germany, France, and China should serve as a model which all uphold and non abandon. Seeing that Iran maintained its side of the deal, Trump’s want to impose sanctions suggests America’s want for dominance.

Some critics suggest that the Iran Nuclear Deal was effective and accomplished their goals of impending the nuclear program. Federica Mogherini, the foreign minister for the European Union, said This is an agreement that prevented a nuclear program and potentially prevented military intervention. Let’s not forget that.” She also said that “there is no need to renegotiate parts of the agreement, because the agreement is working.” The Nuclear Deal of course needed to be enticing on both ends. When making the Nuclear Deal, the Obama administration was aware that lifting the sanctions would help Iran.

The Nuclear Deal aims to help all nations by impending uranium production and the nuclear program, which is seen as a hazard to the world. Some European leaders urge Trump not to revise the Deal. Others recognize Trump’s concerns with terrorism, missiles, and regional instability consuming Iran. Nevertheless, Trump’s belligerent manner in his General Assembly speech has left some critical of Trump rather than critical of Iran.

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