South Korea Hopes for Peace through the Winter Olympics

South Korea Hopes for Peace through the Winter Olympics

In up-to-date news, it has become very clear that tensions between North and South Korea have only been rising, with threats of annihilation and missile strikes coming from North Korea to South Korea and the United States. President Trump’s statement of raining “fire and fury” upon North Korea should threats keep up against the US and allies has only put North Korea even more on edge.

South Korean president Moon Jae-In hopes that his “audacious plan” of the coming Winter Olympics will help ease tensions between and unite North and South Korea. Coincidentally, these games will take place thirty years after the 1988 Summer Olympics. Those Olympics were hosted in Seoul, South Korea, and many nations, including North Korea, boycotted the events.

Despite the boycotts, President Moon has stated that the 1988 games played a part in ending the Cold War era, and that the Seoul Games had the least amount of nations boycotting during that time. He hopes that the coming Winter Olympics will do the same thing by bringing nations together. He especially has high hopes for the participation of North Korean athletes, which would provide good ground for inter-Korean peace talks.

Many future Olympic games would be held in places like Tokyo and Beijing, allowing for the even more ambitious goal of uniting the entirety of Asia once again. South Korea’s President Moon truly hopes that the Olympic games will, or at least aid in bring peace back to North and South Korea. From this point onwards, working towards a more global peace will be much more realistic.

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