Environmental Crisis Worsens in Sudan

Environmental Crisis Worsens in Sudan

Haboob, meaning blasting or drifting in Arabic, is a type of intense sand storm. This storm is known to occur in the southern part of the Sahara Desert, more specifically North Sudan.These storms are caused by strong winds, creating a wave or wall of dust that can reach a height of 1000 meters or 3,000 feet. Haboobs deposit large amounts of sand, dust, and other debris while passing. In the past few years, haboobs have occurred more frequently, burying villages and fields of valuable crops in their wake.

Recently, haboobs haven’t been the only environmental issues plaguing Sudan. North Africa’s temperatures have been soaring. The number of days with extremely high temperatures has doubled since the 1970s. Moreover, Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia state that summer temperatures in these region could increase twice as fast as the average global warming will. In addition, rainfall has become less reliable and the number of floods has risen, worsening agricultural and living conditions.  Drought has left 80 percent of Sudan’s population without access to water and the land unworkable.

Desertification has become a major environmental issue in Sudan which has become one of the most food-insecure countries in the world. The Sudanese government released the  “National Adaption Plan” in July of 2016 to limit desertification. Part of the plan includes farming new, improved crop varieties and installing irrigation technologies, etc. In addition,  local people are being taught how to plant trees and wells are being made. Nevertheless, Sudan lacks the funding needed to make changes that will help it overcome its environmental crisis. As conditions worsen, time is of the essence in combatting environmental issues  in Sudan.

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