Afghanistan’s Deteriorating Security Situation: Thoughts from our Foreign Correspondent

Afghanistan’s Deteriorating Security Situation:  Thoughts from our Foreign Correspondent

Over the past couple of months the security situation in Afghanistan has dramatically deteriorated, leaving the civilian life a total mess. A recent report by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) stated that the Afghan civilian casualties hit a new record in 2015, a four percent increase from 2014.

Late last year, the Taliban took control of a major urban city in northern Afghanistan after a vigorous assault on the city’s defense posts. Meanwhile, in the southern province of Helmand, the Afghan National Army has had to retreat from major districts causing concerns that Helmand, a strategic province, might fall over to the Taliban’s ever growing territories in southern areas. This past Saturday, a suicide attack in a busy metropolitan area of Kabul left twelve dead and eight  wounded; the same day, another suicide attack in the Kunar province left fourteen dead and many others wounded. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for both of the attacks.

The Taliban, as is the custom each year, plans to heighten the offensive around March. The security situation is already worse than the previous spring.

Such suicide attacks have recently rocked the Afghan capital Kabul. Many expatriates working in nonprofit organizations are thinking about leaving the country or have already left. The Afghan exodus towards European countries remains a crisis for the Afghan government. Afghanistan has the second highest number of refugees in Europe, causing a brain drain and leaving a crippled economy.

This all comes at a point where the U.S government has reversed its decision of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, leaving around 9,800 troops indefinitely, continuing on in the role of advising the Afghan national security forces on many battlefronts.

 Esmat Zeerak: blogger, resident of Kabul, Afghanistan.  


Ajmal.  Courtesy of Zuma Press
Courtesy of Zuma Press