Paris Attacks: The Rundown

Paris Attacks: The Rundown

A network of terrorist attacks across Paris have killed at least 127 people, and ISIS has claimed responsibility. The six verified sites include bars and restaurants as well as a concert hall and a national stadium. The various settings of the attacks show that ISIS targeted the French population non-discriminatorily. President of France Francois Hollande vowed that his response would be “merciless.”

The events that occurred last night were inflicted with the same motive as the 9/11 attacks were in 2001: to instill fear and to show that even developed Western countries can be attacked on their pedestals.

The ultimate objective of a caliphate is to claim land and enforce its rule in the region, explaining the magnitude of ISIS’s malignant operations in Syria. A lashing out on Western countries outside the ISIS’s immediate rule demonstrates that the war on terror has significantly threatened ISIS’s objective.

“Let France and those who walk in its path know that they will remain on the top of the list of targets of the Islamic State, and that the smell of death will never leave their noses as long as they lead the convoy of the Crusader campaign, and dare to curse our Prophet, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, and are proud of fighting Islam in France and striking the Muslims in the land of the Caliphate with their planes, which did not help them at all in the streets of Paris and its rotten alleys. This attack is the first of the storm and a warning to those who wish to learn.” – Statement released by ISIS

By assisting opposition forces in Syria and by aiding Syrian refugees, Western countries have opened themselves up to the needs of citizens universally and the consequences of backing those needs. To try to deter us from offering help to our fellow brethren in Syria is to deter us from abiding by the ultimate principles of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. An attack on France, said Obama, is an attack on all countries that hold fast to the universal rights of man.

Obama’s statement:


by Allison Huang ’17